Casa Rosa

This house displays two very different sections, one in a style very close to Eclecticism and another in a more clearly Modernist style. This section of the construction has a markedly Modernist portal in the form of an ace of spades.

Making the most of the high numbers of summer holidaymakers in Caldes municipality, Estapé adapted the space to promote its product. On this square, in addition to carrying out the first archaeological excavation campaign of the Roman thermal baths, a Modernist garden was created.

Can Manegat

In one of the corners there is a Medieval tower that is now home to the staircase that goes from the bottom to the floor. In the second half of the 19th century, this was where the Nou Hospital was installed, which replaced the one that was located in the Roman thermal baths.

Modernist fountain with a hexagonal floorplan and a small roof on the upper part, with a red glazed ceramic dome in the central part. It takes its name from an image of a cow on a tile attached to said fountain.

Colònia Rodríguez

A complex of five independent terraced dwellings (originally four houses) that reproduce a model with cornices and raised apertures painted in different colours.

Casa Bell-Estar

Modernist summer house whose symmetry and façade decoration stand out, giving it a marked verticality. The windows are very low arches, with ledges decorated with false columns. Over the main door there is a spandrel beam balcony, held up by two bolsters.