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10 reasons to visit Caldes

  • Roman thermal baths

    Roman thermal baths

    The Roman thermal baths are a historic monument of Caldes and were declared a National Cultural Heritage Site. The thermal baths were built in the 1st century BC and are the best preserved remains of the Roman municipality of Aquae...
  • Routes and Nature

    Routes and Nature

    Discover all the mountain biking and hiking routes on offer in the area! Do you want to discover all the historic monuments of Caldes? Be seduced by the urban routes which will take you on a tour through the city...
  • Water centres and thermal spas

    Water centres and thermal spas

    Caldes de Malavella is a municipality of thermal waters that above all offers peace and quiet, and relaxation. Both prestigious thermal spas, Prats Thermal Spa and Vichy Catalan Thermal Spa, will give you a warm welcome so you can enjoy...
  • Camp dels ninots

    Camp dels ninots

    Its name comes from silicifications, specifically opal, which when they grow generate different shapes called menilites, popularly known as ninots. The Camp dels Ninots site is a volcano where a lake subsequently formed. To find out more about the zone...
  • Modernist buildings

    Modernist buildings

    Caldes de Malavella stands out for having very well maintained architecture and preserving 19th century Modernist buildings. We propose a Modernist route to get to know the city’s emblematic buildings.
  • Golf


    Golf lovers, both professional and amateur, really must make a stop in Caldes de Malavella. This municipality is home to the PGA CATALUNYA RESORT facilities, the only course in Catalonia included in the ranking of the 10 best courses in Europe...
  • Castle and St. Maurice Hermitage

    Castle and St. Maurice Hermitage

    If you want to discover a space far from the municipality and relax close to nature, visit Malavella Castle (11th century) and get to know St. Maurice Hermitage, an architectural complex that forms part of the inventory of the Architectural...
  • Malavella Festval

    Malavella Festval

    A festival that came about in 2020 from several desires and initiatives to recover and promote the legend of Malavella and in so doing link it with the imaginary world and the occult. Malavella Festival is a tool for projecting Caldes...
  • Historical re-enactments

    Historical re-enactments

    The historical re-enactments that have been held since 2001 consist of a lovely guided walk around different corners of the municipality under the fun and enjoyable direction of three theatre actors who describe town events: from prehistory via Roman Caldes and...
  • Caldes gastronomy

    Caldes gastronomy

    Caldes gastronomy is for experiencing, remembering and getting excited about. Based on the tradition of Catalan cuisine, local recipes have been preserved along with traditional products to drive its great gastronomic value: thermal cooking. This cuisine stands out for its...

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Colla Gegantera. 31a Trobada de Gegants

Colla Gegantera. 31a Trobada de Gegants




  • Colla Gegantera. 31a Trobada de Gegants

    Colla Gegantera. 31a Trobada de Gegants




  • Sessió de cinema

    Sessió de cinema




  • Visita turística guiada. Ruta

    Visita turística guiada. Ruta " Fonts i Patrimoni"




  • 36è Cros de Caldes de Malavella

    36è Cros de Caldes de Malavella




  • Mercat Municipal

    Mercat Municipal




  • Quarta sessió de la jornada de comerciants

    Quarta sessió de la jornada de comerciants " El comerç local, l'essència del poble " (La Nova organització)




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A Caldes de Malavella, els seus carrers, places i jardins són plens d’elements patrimonials que reflecteixen un llegat històric forjat a través de l’estret vincle entre les aigües termals i els seus vilatans: les Termes Romanes, els Balnearis, els espais de passeig, les cases modernistes, … com a exemple la Casa Rosa de la fotografia.


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