This area is a public service that the city of Caldes de Malavella offers to tourists who visit us using as transport and accommodation a camper. Welcome.

In this camper van, you can park up to 72 hours. We can use without restriction  the habitable rooms of the vehicle and just in case, shims level and stabilizer bars.


The water service is free. And also the electricity service works for free during the hours of street lighting.

It is forbidden to camp in the park, this means, it is forbidden the use and deployment of elements beyond the perimeter of the vehicle, for example, awnings. You cannot cook outside the camper or display tables and chairs in the street.

Help us to improve our camping-car service area

You can answer this satisfaction questionnaire and be welcomed to the Tourist Office! We will offer you a souvenir glass to drink water from our thermal hot water springs at 56ºC.

Motorhome service area

Carrer Solei (Parc de la Sardana)

972480103 (Oficina de Turisme)

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