The Village

  • Thermal Village
  • Roman baths of Saint Grau
  • Castle of Caldes, S.XII
  • Square of Saint Grau
Piscina d'Aigua Termal

The gentle waves of relief house landscape eroded short hills and oak groves, fields and woods, nestled between the ridges of the coastal range and the depression of the Jungle.

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Jardins de Sant Grau

They are a Historical monument of national interest. These are the best preserved remains of the Roman town of AQUAE CALIDAE, current Caldes de Malavella. Nowadays, you can see the working mechanisms of water almost intact.

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Castell de Caldes

The medieval period marked a period of seclusion in Caldes manifests building the wall or fortification of the town, which we are different stretches of wall and three circular towers located in the Sant Grau.

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Placeta de Sant Grau

Square where the hermitage of Sant Grau, s.IX. It was the parish church of the town until obsolete by population growth and by being built in an area with strong springs and thermal water bodies in the cemetery does not decompose, but is mummified.

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Active Tourism

  • Guided Visits On Sundays
  • Dramatized Visits
  • Annual Fairs and Festivals
  • On Horseback
Termes Romanes


Every Sunday at Caldes de Malavella carried out a tour through these points tourist town.

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Visites treatalitzades


Dramatized visits Caldes de Malavella are scheduled every year and consist of a walk-by tour different part of the city under the direction of three fun and entertaining theater actors us translladen to Roman and Christian town. The duration of the tour is approximately 1.30.

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Fires i Festes


To Get Out

Caldes de Malavella is very active in town activities that are carried out annually. Areas of Tourism and Economic Development of the City and entities Caldes de Malavella organize fairs and markets. The village has the name of: THE VILLAGE OF THE 100 MARKETS.

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A Cavall

 Those who wish may enjoy a good ride. In Caldes de Malavella we  find one center dedicated to the equestrian world: Cavalls de Malavella.

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